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Yang Ketujuh

Nita , 60 Years , Must keep his five orangutans , the taxable income husband sings Dies IN 2003. SINCE limited skills and education , ia finally WORK Just as workers can wash and Assistant households in Tangerang , Banten . There are hearts Priority prayer life : meeting the need for family groceries and educate their children.

Another Nita , lying anyway Jalalen Amin , A Farmer serf State Property domiciled in Indramayu , West Java . Already a few years later Singer ia Forced Self dared to till the soil for a review of State Owned Life connect . BUT Amin did not work on Land Belonging gatra WITH free – free . He Had to pay rent for the land . Constantly questioning a Certain Rules ia , BECAUSE according to the land lease system is not accordance WITH Constitution – The Constitution mandates natural riches Must for – the amount earmarked For Prosperity of people .