Festival Celebrates Human Rights Practices 2016 Pancasila at the Local Level


Centre for Human Rights Studies, University of Surabaya (Ubaya PUSHAM) contributed as a participant in the Human Rights Festival 2016 in Bojonegoro. Government Building Bojonegoro started in padati participants at 8 am, looking activity participants registration. This activity was attended by various groups ranging from academia to government agencies. Human Rights Festival 2016 is the 3rd forum held by INFID together institutions that are committed to advancing the City / County of human rights in Indonesia. Forum-shaped festival is held in Bojonegoro, East Java, November 30-December 2, 2016.

This activity departs from the idea that the Responsibility Compliance, Protection, and Respect for human rights is not only held by the Government center, but also the Local Government. In Indonesia, some regions have committed to become District / City of Human Rights (Human Rights Cities), among other Wonosobo district, Bojonegoro, Palu, Bandung District, East Lampun and others. The purpose of the Festival is to be a place to share experiences, ideas, innovation, the cult-practices that have been carried out by the Local Government together with other stakeholders in the framework of respect for and protection of human rights.

Why Bojonegoro?

Building a life that upholds human rights is not just about today, but also how to forget bad experiences in the past, taking the bracing and determined to achieve a better life. Bojonegoro history is a history of poverty and conflict. Harsh natural conditions, but also where there is 20% of national oil reserves. If we do not do something, then the threat of disintegration, radicalization, and the fulfillment of human rights are real and close.

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