The Seminar East Java Press Freedom Index 2016: Already Free Our Press?


Press Freedom Index is an initiative and long working since 2010. The Press Council Press Freedom Index emerged as a response to the discovery of an indicator which has not adequately describe the issue of press freedom in Indonesia, as well as bring up the positive achievements that have been produced by Indonesia.

Result Press Freedom Index 2016 Press Freedom Index shows that Indonesia is in a position somewhat free (62.81), both in the fields of law, politics and economics. Press Freedom Index cumulative in 24 provinces in Indonesia are in a position somewhat freely. This position is not secure enough for ‘only’ two main indicators, which are relatively safe. Of the 19 major indicators, there are five indicators that threatens press freedom worsen, namely (a) the independence of the media from the interest groups (56.14); (B) the corporate governance (57.63); (C) the independence of the judiciary (59.33); (D) press ethics (60.85); and (e) the presence of public service broadcasters (61.25). On the other hand, of the 71 non-main indicators there are 19 indicators (26.74%) were rated good. Nineteenth indicators are indicating a reduction of state interference and institutionalization of access to information such as freedom of association, freedom of criminalization and intimidation, access to public information and diversity of ownership. Nine [9] other indicators or 14:08% concerning (a) the access of vulnerable groups in the media, (b) government awards to media professionalism and (c) the company’s dependence press on a strong group of poor quality or bad.

PUSHAM UBAYA cooperate with the Press Council, HRLS UNAIR and AJI Surabaya, collaborate initiated the event, with the aim of providing space for socialization and discussion related to Press Freedom Index 2016 results, especially on a provincial scale. Activities that have the support of Strengthening Human Rights and Peace Research and Education in ASEAN / Southeast Asia (SHAPE-SEA), guided by four keynote speakers are: Christiana Chelsia Chan (Working Group of Legal and Legislation Press Council), Aloysia Vira Herath ( Centre for Human Rights Studies, University of Surabaya), Azmi Sharom (University of Malaya, Malaysia), Herlambang Prime Wiratraman (Human Rights and Law Studies Airlangga University). Acting as moderator is Prasto Ward (Chairman of AJI Surabaya).

The event has been held on December 9, 2016, at the Multipurpose Building of the Faculty of Psychology Ubaya this, was attended by participants academics, activists / akvitis press (including professional organizations and trade unions), NGO activists, observers of the press / media, business media, government agencies, police and the prosecutor’s office, a school, a community of citizen journalism. Expectations of the implementation of these activities, stakeholders, the press and the general public in East Java to get information about the situation of press freedom throughout 2016, as well as gain an understanding of the indicator’s press freedom index results.

2 thoughts on “The Seminar East Java Press Freedom Index 2016: Already Free Our Press?

  • Thursday March 29th, 2018 at 04:59 PM

    materi apa saja yang disampaikan di dalam seminar?

    • Monday May 28th, 2018 at 03:02 PM

      Materi yang disampaikan pada seminar seputar kemerdekaan pers baik di tingkat Provinsi maupun nasional pada tahun 2016.
      Beberapa materi yang disampaikan narasumber sebagai berikut:
      1. Christiana Chelsia Chan, Kelompok Kerja Hukum dan Perundang-undangan Dewan Pers:
      “Indeks Kemerdekaan Pers Indonesia: Upaya Menggambar Utuh Pers Indonesia”
      2. Aloysia Vira Herawati, Pusat Studi Hak Asasi Manusia Universitas Surabaya: “Indeks
      Kemerdekaan Pers Provinsi Jawa Timur 2016”
      3. Azmi Sharom, University of Malaya, Malaysia: “Kemerdekaan Pers di Malaysia: Komparasi
      dan Tanggapan terhadap Hasil Survei Indeks Kemerdekaan Pers 2016”
      4. Herlambang Perdana Wiratraman, Human Rights and Law Studies Universitas Airlangga:
      “Kemerdekaan Pers Provinsi Jawa Timur: Tanggapan terhadap Hasil Survei Indeks
      Kemerdekaan Pers 2016”.


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