Menolak Tumbang

This book is the result of research that has the outline of the formulation of “Gender, Poverty and Law Enforcement”. Rejecting tumbles: Narrative Women Against Impoverishment, gives an overview in the form of photos, facts and exposure to conditions ranging Banda Aceh to Merauke. Narrative composed of reflection travel records nine months in eight regions of the archipelago, trying to highlight the ability of women to survive and struggle to cope with poverty, and as far as the legal system and practices capable of sustaining survival (resilience) of them in the fight against poverty.
The stories are presented in each region, as if trying to reinforce the strong links between gender-based discrimination, human rights abuses, and impoverishment. The stories also confirmed that the impoverishment of women can not be understood only through the statistics of poverty or economic approaches as a way out single.

Books published in 2014, can be accessed at PUSDOKHAM UBAYA, Highway Kalirungkut, UBAYA Library Building, 4th Floor, At 08.00- 16.30 pm, on Monday to Friday.

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